a little about me


A New life in Short

 Before Jayne decided to take on the role of coach, mentor and event speaker she had already led a full and exciting career within the hair and beauty industry compiling a diverse CV which covers extensive professional training as well as job rolls covering education within colleges and the industry leading largest global company L’Oréal, after working with the awarding body VTCT as part of their business advisory team it was no surprise to find Jayne opening her own training academy alongside her existing hair & beauty salon business. 


At this point Jayne's life transformed

 Due to illness she found herself providing 24/7 care for her husband. During this time Jayne not only rose to the challenge by using her usual strength and determination but also embarked upon a new quest of discovery and understanding using every spare moment researching, reading and putting her new knowledge to the test.  When it was possible Jayne started to attend training covering counselling skills which lead her onto more research burning the midnight oil until she found the training she had been looking for 

  provided by some of the leaders within the new areas of her interest this included Ben Grassby CEO of Bristol NLP Ltd and renowned master trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ben’s unique approach has not only guided Jayne through her practitioner and master practitioner training in NLP but has also awakened her somatic ability providing her gained awareness within herself and clients resulting in Jayne's intuitive way of working.   


 Jayne's next port of excellence was with Curly Martin the founder of Achievement Specialists Ltd, best-selling author, a sought-after international speaker and a pioneer of life coaching in Europe. Jayne moved onto Andy Harrington’s world class speaker training whilst studying for her full Professional Hypnotherapy certification with a Harley street therapist. Intrigued by the human energy field Jayne has now trained in sound therapy adding another string to her bow as well as sharing her passion for Meditation by providing group classes.  

Jayne has been supporting and guiding the people around her throughout her training and has often said that all she ever wanted was to show people how to live fuller happier lives providing the opportunity for change enabling people to reach their full potential. It is no surprise that Jayne has discovered a new vocation where she can apply as much drive determination and passion that she displayed in all of her previous rolls.

I consider it an honour to known Jayne to have her in my life as a constant source of inspiration.