Gamma Mindset session

Your Happiness, Success, Wealth, Health and Potential is a direct reflection of your beliefs and the emotional reactions you feel are deep rooted within your subconscious mind. Many trained and skilled therapists still struggle to access and change these beliefs in their clients. 

The scientifically based Gamma Mindset approach is revalushanalising the coaching and mindset industry. By activating your Super-Consciousness Brain wave and Rapidly eliminating Fear, Self-Doubt  and Lack by reprogramming your mind for Success and Performing at your best.    

This service consists of an extended discovery call           £250.00

1 x Gamma Mindset session 60 -120 min,  

1 check in call 

+ Bonus consisting of  personalised home Gamma recording 


 Coaching super sessions in person available for complete Transformational work.  £950.00 

These sessions consist of a blended approach to therapy and may involve NLP, Hypnosis and Gamma Mindset 

If this appeals to you please contact me by email to discuss further. (Travelling fee applies)

Cost includes - discovery call, one day together 

+ Bonus bundle consisting of 

2 follow up Phone checkin's  to monitor your progress + personalised recordings / mantras / affirmations maintaining your focus.