What our clients say

* Had the most AMAZING experience with Jayne last week. Had my Biofield Chakras cleansed. First few days I ached but in a nice way (difficult to explain) but as time has gone on, each day I just feel better and better. Like a great weight lifted. My mental health has been suffering, for no reason I might add apart from Menopause and recovering from Cancer but my life is good I can’t complain just couldn’t get my head out of the darkness but I can honestly say I feel lighter, brighter and on my way back to me! Thankyou Jayne!! I’m coming back for more!  and spreading the word of your talents x    

* I just want to say my session was mind blowing! The discovery during the session was a complete surprise and not what i was expecting at all. It was really thought provoking and enlightening experience. I would definitely recommend as things are not always what they seem until you look closer. Absolutely awesome. Thank you xx  

* Jayne Renals has the patience and understanding of a saint. Put at ease instantly and guided through. Although not easy Jayne took her time and could gauge how I was doing. 

* I took my daughter to see Jayne as she was in a dreadful state about her SAT's to the point that nothing was helping to stop her anxiety and crying. In less than 2 hours I had my happy smiley kid back, I don't understand what Jayne did, my daughter was so excited trying to explain from the back of the car but all my husband and I could do was laugh. thank you Jayne your an angel X. 

* Before starting my coaching journey with Jayne, I felt lost, I didn’t know who I was, I tried to be the person that I thought people wanted me to be. I even struggled with my emotions, should I be happy, should I be sad?

I initially had a lengthy conversation via Facebook messenger at midnight (I wasn’t expecting Jayne to reply when I sent her the question ‘Can you help me?’). I knew instantly that Jayne was the person to help me overcome my many years of being trapped in the bubble of confusion. 

We then arranged a FaceTime consultation where we decided the best way forward. This was to be a course of 6 coaching sessions. At first, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be able to change as much as I hoped, but as the sessions went on, BOY, was I wrong. 

After a couple of FaceTime sessions, Jayne then came to my house and performed a session in person.  That’s when I really knew it was all pulled together. Hypnotherapy with Jayne’s magical words, soon made me feel like the most important person in the world. Jayne makes you feel completely at ease, and now I feel like Jayne is a friend, although I believe all her clients would feel like that. My only regret is not finding Jayne earlier. My life if so, much happier now, and I owe it to Jayne, she changed my outlook on life and I have never felt happier. 

* Jayne’s unbelievably welcoming demeanour leads to her creating the ultimate environment for coaching success.   

* I've received sessions with Jayne to help me reprogram my thought process and overcome some personal challenges. I can honestly say it's worked wonders and I'm getting better each day. It's changed my life in such a positive way. Would recommend this to everyone!  


Let me help you with any obstacles you may have. 

You may find that it’s the best thing you ever did.